Manage Complex Services provides councils and residents with a powerful service delivery solution that allows residents to see all the services offered by council, select the one they need, and have it managed End-to-End from a single online portal.

Council Service Request Details

Provide Resident Services With provides a range of tools to make it easy for your council to define sophisticated service workflows and guide your residents through them from beginning to end.

  • Custom Fields & Forms

    Councils can create an infinite number of custom fields and assemble them together into flexible forms for collecting information from residents.

    Whatever information you need, we've got you covered.

  • Visual Workflow Editor

    Council processes can be complex, but they don't have to be hard to build. allows councils to create their Service Request workflows using a flow-chart style drag-and-drop designer.

    If you can draw it, we can manage it.

  • Hierarchical Processes

    Someone needs a permit, but that permit needs an approval, and that approval needs an inspection. allows you to map these dependencies and manage them all at once.

    It's a bit like magic.

  • Guided Processes

    From the dedicated Community Portal, Residents get full visibility of all the steps required to complete their request. 

    They can see where they're up to, pre-fill future sections, and be confident that they're in control.

  • Two Way Communication

    Every Service Request supports two-way communication between the Resident and the Council, no more tracking of email chains.

    Automated notifications are sent to both parties whenever there's an update or action required.

  • Persistent Records

    Every Service Request is saved against the Resident's personal profile for future reference.

    Councils gain automatic record keeping for every request and full visibility over past interactions with every resident.

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