Digital Service Delivery for Australian Local Government enables Australian local councils to offer 100% of their services to the communities they serve, entirely online.

Our Vision

A society where the resources of local government can be directed towards improving the communities they serve rather than administering them, and where local government is seen by those communities as an enabler of innovation and change, rather than a barrier to it.

How It Works

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    Define your service workflows

    Using our simple data-model editor, powerful form builder, and intuitive drag-and-drop workflow designer, create comprehensive multi-step workflows to guide your community through council processes and collect all the information you need.

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    Launch to your community

    With our easy to use Community Portal, allow your community members to create service tickets, manage ongoing issues, and communicate directly with council staff members assigned to their requests.

    Community members maintain an ongoing digital identity from one request to another, all from a portal that is beautiful to use on both desktop and mobile, and fully compliant with accessibility regulations.

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    Resolve community requests

    Through the unique combination of dedicated council and community portals, your team can work directly on the requests from your community members from within the portal.

    Requests can be reassigned to different team-members or departments, comments can be left against the requests for record-keeping, and all important updates are automatically sent to the community member who created the request to keep them in the loop.

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    Keep everything recorded

    Thanks to the persistent digital identity provided to each community member, all service requests are stored against their profile and can be revisited at a later date or as part of subsequent service requests.

    Your team gets a 360 degree view of every member of the community so they can know what their needs are and give them the service they want.

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    SaaS, Cloud, Microsoft Azure. We've got all your buzzwords covered. is 100% cloud-based Software as a Service. Built on Microsofts Azure Cloud platform, hosted in Australian data-centres, and encrypted by default. You know your communities data is safe and sound with a trusted technology partner.

    Don't know what any of that means? No worries! You don't need to.

    To put it all simply; we do all the work, you just log-in and go.


    Simple per-resident pricing.

    Our pricing is based on a simple per-resident model. This means the platform is just as affordable to a small country town as it is to a large metro council.

    With a simple set of optional packages and support plans, you can find a package that suits your organisations budget without the pain (and awkwardness) of enterprise software purchases.

    Our commitment to remote and small communities

    Our founding team come from regional Australia and have experienced the challenges faced by our most disadvantaged communities.

    As a way of giving something back, access to the platform is provided free of charge to communities of less than 5000 people.