Simple Invoicing & Digital Payments was founded because one of the co-founders lost a paper parking ticket and had to spend three days figuring out how to pay the money owed.

Modern residents expect a fully integrated invoicing and payment process, just like they get from commercial providers. lets you give it to them.

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Manage Resident Invoices & Billing With

Modern councils are service providers, and modern service providers must give their customers a seamless digital billing solution. 

This level of quality isn't a "nice to have" anymore, it's simply a minimum standard.

  • Automatic Invoicing

    Requested a Service? Booked a community space? Gotten a parking ticket? automatically calculates and generates the relevant charges and invoices for all your resident's interactions with the council.

  • Notifications & Reminders

    No more following up on unpaid invoices, no more bills getting lost in the mail. 

    With all billing and invoicing is managed through the dedicated Community Portal, with automated notifications and reminders.

  • Persistent Digital Identity

    Remember that lost parking ticket? Wouldn't it have been great if there was somewhere you could just log in and see all your outstanding bills?

    With, that's exactly what every resident gets.

  • Seamless Digital Payments

    You never want to make it hard for people to give you money. Give your residents the tools to make seamless online payments with just a single click. 

    Fully safe & secure using the worlds toughest security.

  • Omni-channel Finance isn't just for online interactions, it works in every scenario. 

    Replace or supplement your in-person billing processes by managing invoices through the Council Portal to have everyone working from the same system.

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