Provide Spaces For Your Community To Grow provides councils and residents with a powerful booking platform that allows residents to find and use the spaces and facilities councils make available.

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Managing Bookings With provides a range of tools to make sure your community gets the most from the spaces and resources your council makes available.

  • Online Booking

    Residents can view and book community spaces via their dedicated Community Portal.

  • Easy Administration

    Intuitive workflows allow council staff to manage all of their communities bookings from a central admin portal.

  • Logical Organisation

    Community spaces are arranged into a logical hierarchy, allowing councils to easily organise and manage their inventory of spaces.

  • Resources Too

    Spaces are only the first step, communities need resources too. Manage an inventory of resources like sporting, AV, or any other type of equipment and link them directly to a residents booking.

  • Booking Fees - Sorted

    Councils can rent out spaces and resources either for a flat fee, or a timed rate. Booking fees are automatically calculated and invoiced to the resident.

  • Simple Digital Payments

    Residents can pay for their bookings online via the exact same portal they booked through. Everything is linked to their persistent digital identity with the council.

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