Who Are We?

Need2know.io is the brainchild of a team of young entrepreneurs based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Our team have delivered software across a wide range of industries including Property, Health Services, and Residential Community Management.

We back this up with specialist experience and skills across Public Policy, Sustainable Development, and Environmental Sustainability.

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Our Founders

Our founding team have been developing software products for years, working on some of the worlds biggest problems.

  • Jessica Scanlan - Founder & CTO
    Aloy Scanlan
    Founder & CTO

    Scientist turned engineer; Aloy left the science field in an effort to scale her impact on the world.

    Her experience has had her building platforms at some of Australia's largest software companies, and most innovative startups.

    Now set to combine her passions and skills, she plans to bridge the gap between councils and the people they serve.

  • Edmund Munday - Founder & CEO
    Edmund Munday
    Founder & CEO

    A policy nerd who went on to love tech; Edmund has delivered software used by millions around Australia.

    Torn between his passion for these two very siloed fields, he set out to combine both and illustrate the unique value of their fusion.

    After being part of other people's startups that never quite "got it", he's here to try it himself... This time, with a team that will do it right.

Our Vision

A society where the resources of local government can be directed towards improving the communities they serve rather than administering them, and where local government is seen by those communities as an enabler of innovation and change, rather than a barrier to it.

Our Story

One of the co-founders lost a paper parking ticket, then spent 3 days figuring out how to pay it...

They say that the best ideas come from shower thoughts, or perhaps it's meant to be grandiose and risk-filled journeys like what you see in movies. In our case, it came from a parking ticket.

One of the co-founders lost a paper parking ticket, then had to spend three days figuring out how to pay it... While the idea to create Need2Know.io first originated from this parking ticket, there is a bit more to the origin story than just that.

The Need2Know.io founding team all hail from rural Australia. Their love for technology was born in its ability to help them maintain connections and relationships, despite the geographically disconnected nature of their backgrounds.

As life has become more hectic (and... you know... global pandemics occur), this disconnected nature of our world has become increasingly prevalent, even in cities without the tyranny of Australia's vast rural distances.

We all struggle to find time now to do the things we need to do, just to keep our lives moving forward. This is where Need2Know.io lends a hand.

We make the process of dealing with local government simple and fast for communities, no matter where the people in that community reside.

We reduce the barrier to engagement so that people see their local council as a provider of valuable services, rather than just another administrative burden.

Above all else, we create solutions that make communities love their councils.

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